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Fabernovel unveils advanced methodologies for tapping the global Chinese market 


Wine & spirit client case


June 2020




Since 2006, there are about 6.8 million Chinese people moving to foreign countries, forming a strong consumption force that possesses contemporary Chinese cultural and digital habits. In the meantime, the Chinese outbound travel market has hit a historical peak when the number of outbound trips in 2019 reached 155 million. The overseas Chinese market is gradually becoming a strategic segment for brands.


The world’s leading wine and spirit group eyes the potential of creating brand presence and generating sales among Chinese consumers in overseas markets. Fabernovel produced a Global Chinese Consumer Study to showcase advanced market analysis and strategies for the group to pioneer the under-tapped market with an integrated methodology.



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In the study, we performed a consumer segmentation analysis that restructured the overseas Chinese market and identifies market opportunities with a high return on investment. Consumer profiles were created through in-depth interviews and the mining of Fabernovel internal data to provide actionable insights. We crafted both organizational strategies that optimize the workflow involving various function and end-market teams, as well as tactics that can help brands reach both Chinese travellers and nomadic Chinese residents with a holistic approach.


Fabernovel has an intelligence team dedicated to the study of overseas Chinese consumers and provides insights for brands to identify branding and monetization opportunities in this market. 





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