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Lessons of transportation in China


SNCF Client Case 

May 2020







As the lethal Covid-19 pandemic hits the world with over 3.7 million infections, the public transportation sector across the globe is faced with challenges that were rarely experienced in the past century. In Europe, the majority of SNCF transportation operations were temporarily suspended as part of the efforts to stop the spread of the deadly disease.


As daily new cases started to decline and the curve flattened in Europe, the lift of confinement is approaching and the resumption of travel and transportation activities is around the corner. France’s railway transportation leader is actively seeking solutions to ensure public safety and reassure the confidence of passengers and employees upon reopening.



Does it sound familiar? Let us help







As a proud partner of SNCF in the past several years, Fabernovel is dedicated to helping the company to address its challenges and offer support to the recovery of Europe’s public transportation. We gathered our observations on China’s initiatives in new modes of transportation operations and developed a report that analyzes the cost and impact of the adoption of each initiative in the SNCF scenario.


Through research, field visits, and expert interviews, Fabernovel observed the implementation of initiatives in China, segmented them according to their suitability in an SNCF context, and helped sourcing partners that could supply SNCF with cutting-edge technology.


Fabernovel and SNCF teams worked an agile and iterative mode, with quick production sprints and regular reviews, allowing us to finalize the work in a very short span.





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