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In 2020, the COVID crisis has created a challenge for offline businesses and activities. As a result, countless events were switched to online platforms. In order to continue providing our services, Fabernovel also changed multiple projects to virtual offerings. One of our clients, global healthcare leader Sanofi partnered with Fabernovel to transform its IGNITE: The Future is Now! program to take place 100% online.

The IGNITE: The Future is Now! program was designed and launched to support Sanofi’s transformation. It first started in 2018 and was hosted annually the program took about 80 Sanofi leaders through an exciting face-to-face learning expedition to learn and exchange with other leaders from innovative start-ups and established businesses in Shanghai and San Francisco. In 2020, Fabernovel helped Sanofi to re-image and arrange the program online.






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Key Challenges


Designing a fully virtual executive development program without compromising its ambition, creativity and engagement was an exciting challenge for Marilyn Kronenberg (Head of Executive Education, Talent Accelerators and Organizational Development at Sanofi), her team, and Fabernovel. The program was redesigned and forty of Sanofi’s top leaders learned from a 100% virtual program to acquire new skills, knowledge, and ways of working aligned with the Sanofi Play to Win Strategy and Behaviors. Instead of a two-week face-to-face program held in different geographies as originally planned, these top execs followed a 6-months journey composed of different interactive virtual sequences. One of the goals was for participants to create & launch experiments related to the Play to Win strategy.

Last but not least, this 100% virtually-delivered IGNITE program had a very human touch. We sent personalized Welcome Packages to participants’ homes during Covid to show we truly care about them



The Outcome


During the first phase of this program, Fabernovel organized a 9 INSPIRE Webinars spread over 6 weeks and invited amazing speakers: a futurist and innovation expert Peter Hinssen, two start-up founders from GitLab and DXY & Owkin, two design thinking experts David Bchiri and Rachel Daydou, the Executive VP and CEO of Sanofi Genzyme Specialty Care Bill Sibold; and of course the IGNITE Program Lead Marilyn Kronenberg. It democratized the learning and created different energy with participants and their extended teams through inviting select team members to the INSPIRE Webinars within the IGNITE program. The webinars had up to 123 people where only 40 of them were participants.  And we have received fantastic feedback!

For Phase 2 of the program, Fabernovel used their own methodology inspired by design thinking methodology and agility to help the participants craft their experiments. We facilitated a total of 8 groups to create those experiments that were deployable in weeks and had an actual business impact on Sanofi. From user interviews to defining potential experiments to prototyping, these experiments helped participants build and test tangible solutions. They turned out to be a great way for participants to apply their learnings in practice and to learn fast and scale up in an agile way.

To achieve such amazing results, we innovatively leveraged the virtual ZOOM technology: direct on-screen texting using annotation, use of polls, quizzes, breakout rooms, and various icons/emojis. Our entire project team members are also highly skilled virtual facilitators and we could leverage these functionalities to create highly active virtual engagement and meaningful interactions with participants.

Near the end of the program, participants voted on their colleagues’ experiments so that the top 3 cohort favorite experiments was featured in dialogue with Paul Hudson (CEO, Sanofi) and several other Executive Committee members with the intent to scale-up the best experiments in the company to spread deeply into the organization and have a direct impact on business.


Tips for Virtual Programs


1    A virtual learning journey does not simply mean converting physical sessions into virtual webinars – We started over with the same objectives but curated a totally different experience.

2    Be twice as creative – What interactions are sought in each session? With what tool? How will that make the difference? Your learning program should be the most exciting event on your attendees’ agenda today

3    A virtual journey provides a way to make the learning go viral faster. Allow participants to invite some of their team to selected webinars to spread knowledge and information faster.

This program enables Sanofi’s top executives to develop their ability to set a vision, inspire people and create the conditions for innovation; build experiments and give the best of themselves in their team and for the organization; engage in a very active and supportive community to share their learnings with peers and maximize their impact.

Want to learn more about our Digital Learning Program & new ways of working, please contact meet_shanghai@fabernovel.com


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