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Regenerate: 618 Campaign


Regenerate Client Case 






Build incremental penetration towards our target audience by increasing the awareness of REGENERATE through better relevance of the brand proposition.
Ensure precision targeting to reach our different sub-audiences.





FABERNOVEL developed an integrated digital service:
Phase I – Create social buzz and discussion with BA announcement to leverage the BA’s influence across social platforms, with Weibo as the predominant stadium to boost awareness, supported by social ads as well as KOL and KOC.
Phase II – Increase brand affinity and establish relationships through Community Management. Absorb incremental users through interaction, incentive posts and other activation tactics to convert them into brand lovers.
Phase III – Convert loyal users towards the lower funnel to make the purchase. Meanwhile maintain the social buzz with UGC contents including Awareness, Collaboration, Product and Celebrity charisma.







Phase I – We reached 220M impression and 288K discussion from our nationwide Hot Topic, 16% more impression than Xiaomi’s Hot Topic on the same day with a head celebrity 6 times the fanbase than Ayanga.
Phase II – We gained 13K organic incremental followers on Weibo and 1,715 organic followers on WeChat. Many of them were AYG fans turned into our loyal fans (??).
Phase III – Around 400 open-box videos were uploaded on Weibo, along with numerous customer showcase (??). We also saw 7 times engagement increase on RED.




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Impressions, 246% of Commited KPI achieved


Engagement across social platforms


Conversion to Tmall




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