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Bulgari Client Case 

2018 – 2021



Bulgari Client Case: SerpentiForm Exhibition



Game Concept


Bulgari has organized an Exhibition in Chengdu, using MP and H5 as registration channel and onsite guide to enrich user experience. We have been helping them launching MP and H5 for their opening in Chengdu.




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  • QR Code Treasure Hunt at the exhibition
  • Registration form and pre-booking
  • Audio guide with KOLs
  • Collection showcase
  • Digital Stickers
  • Gift Collection in-store










  • A MP and H5 campaign with fancy animations showing Bulgari’s products conception and audio guide for each gallery.
  • A MP and H5 interactive campaign for their exhibition opening in Chengdu with a registration function.












Bulgari Client Case: Online Repair Service WeChat Mini Program



Game Concept


Bulgari Online repair service for three product lines, including connection with SF Express to pick up the product at home..




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  • Online repair service for Watches, Jewellery and bags collections
  • Tracking of the delivery and whole process of repair service including 12 steps and different departments
  • Customer Service Integration
  • Quotation Process









  • WeChat Mini Program design done in in 1 month
  • Project Coordination within 5 departments




Bulgari Client Case: BVLGARI CVD




Bulgari is curating a new interactive digital event for Tanabata Chinese Valentine’s Day to enhance the customer relationship and promoting Bulgari’s products.



we have been helping them launching a photo customization experience H5 on the WeChat and Baidu  MP.







This H5 not only shows Bulgari’s brand image but also guides customers to their limited edition product designed for Tanabata Chinese Valentine’s Day.


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