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Throughout the past 15 years, FABERNOVEL has successfully delivered 350+ Learning Expeditions for large corporations throughout all industries on 3 continents.

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We aim to create unique experiences for participants. Our learning expeditions will ensure that we will meet with the most relevant, highly innovative companies and exchange with best-in-class speakers. It will inspire participants through an insider’s perspective into the inner mechanics of the world’s fastest growing innovation ecosystem.

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We are learning expedition experts

FABERNOVEL has a proven expertise in the planning, organization, and execution of Learning Expeditions in China, Singapore, Europe, Silicon Valley and worldwide.

We have exposed our participants (executive board, CEOs, managers, etc.) to large innovative companies and disruptive startups alike, to raise awareness about new digital trends and practices and spark new initiatives. Every Learning Expedition is tailor-made according to the needs and objectives of our client.

6 key success factors for the learning expedition

1 – Tailor-made

The Learning Expedition is tailor-made for each client, based on the project goals, ambitions and constraints.

2 – Intensive and exhaustive program

We focus our efforts on creating a rich and coherent program, allowing to meet a relevant selection of companies within the innovation ecosystem.

3 – Complete program organization

We take care of the entire program & content (validation of themes, organization of meetings, choice of speakers, facilitation during the trip, etc.

4 – Cultural and experiential dimension

Beyond the meetings, the LX brings together the leaders or managers of your organization in a particular context with an unprecedented level of interaction.

5 – Dedicated guidance tools

A customized set of methodologies and tools will be designed for the delegation. This includes the trip memo, recommended readings and roadbook.

6 – Follow-up

The LX is not tourism: it is a trip that enables tangible results. The development of innovative projects starts during the trip with a learning format that helps identify innovative routes to follow.

350+ Clients attended our learning expeditions

We give you access to an unparalleled network of partners

Over the years FABERNOVEL has developed an extensive network of partners with leading internet companies, startups, VC’s and local experts. In recent editions we had the opportunity to visit some of the companies and startups below and some of them will be part of the next programs

The leading short video platform in Asia

The beauty tech leader

The social commerce platform

The beauty social commerce unicorn

Unmanned convenience store

Dock-less bike sharing service

The leading car-sharing platform in China

The flagship new retail concept of Alibaba

The second largest e-commerce platform in China

The mother company of WeChat

The USD 150M fintech unicorn

The pioneer luxury e-commerce in China

The world 3rd largest cloud service from Alibaba

The leading online travel agency in China

The first coffee business unicorn

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