Paris, 25 October 2018

FABERNOVEL has acquired creative agency Le Side Car and is launching FABERNOVEL STORIES

FABERNOVEL recently completed the acquisition of Le Side Car, a creative agency that specializes in supporting start-ups and major groups’ innovation projects, and has announced the launch of its new business unit: FABERNOVEL STORIES.

Founded in 2015 by Luc Dagognet, Le Side Car offers a unique model which encompasses developing communication and storytelling strategies, experience design and brand identity development, and designing creative and effective campaigns. Le Side Car’s team of 12 professionals (strategy planners, copywriters, art directors, business development managers) has worked with over 80 clients, including Waze, Txfy, Foodchéri, Balinea and Qonto.

This acquisition is part of FABERNOVEL’s overarching corporate strategy. The digital service and product group aims to support major organizations in their transformation, from resource allocation and strategy development to new product and service launches and now developing and executing high-impact messages that are key to their adoptions.

“Today, major organizations are reaching maturity in how they approach the challenges inherent to change. They’re putting more and more of their budget into these aspect, and will continue to do so, as was demonstrated by the recent Gartner study. But this investment will remain fruitless if the products and services they create don’t attract their target market, whether users or consumers. We acquired Le Side Car as a way of assisting these market leaders in rolling out their engagement and communication strategies. And because we’re digital experts at heart, we’re drawing on digital culture and creativity to do so,” explains Stéphane Distinguin, founder and CEO of FABERNOVEL.

“FABERNOVEL STORIES is the next logical step in FABERNOVEL’s goal of supporting companies in their transformation – every step of the way”.

“FABERNOVEL STORIES is a creative agency that was founded to squeeze every last drop of potential out of new technological opportunities, combining strategic precision, creative freedom, and the ability to work quickly and with a huge range of formats. We’re advertising people, we cut our teeth in tech, and now we’re here to fuse great storytelling with high-impact results, drawing on all the skill-sets and expertise the FABERNOVEL group represents,” adds Luc Dagognet, CEO of FABERNOVEL STORIES.



Luc spent six years at BETC (Havas group) as a Senior Strategic Planner (Crédit Agricole, L’Oréal, Danone, Skyteam, Mondelez) before being appointed Head of Development at BETC Content. In 2015, he co-founded Le Side Car.



As a result of this acquisition:
– The entire Le Side Car team will be joining FABERNOVEL STORIES.
– Luc Dagognet, CEO and Creative Director at Side Car, will now be CEO of FABERNOVEL STORIES.
– FABERNOVEL will be taking its first steps in the creative agency market, the final link in the value proposition chain and key to supporting companies through change.


About Le Side Car

Founded in 2015 by former BETC (Havas) employees, Le Side Car is a creative agency made up of 12 experts with a combined portfolio of 80 clients, 80% of which are start-ups, and 20% of which are major groups in strategy, production, copywriting and art direction. Soon after it was first founded, the agency worked with Waze, Balinea, Qonto and Txfy, supporting the companies with communication strategy, identity and creative campaign roll-out.

Today, Le Side Car stands out on the Parisian creative agency scene through its flagship projects and breakthrough innovative campaigns for major brands.


Founded in 2003 by Stéphane Distinguin, FABERNOVEL is a full-stack consulting and creation group for digital products and services that has been working for 15 years with major international groups, including more than ¾ of the French CAC 40 in their cultural and digital transformation and innovation trajectory. FABERNOVEL currently gathers 400 employees on 3 continents (US, Europe and Asia). Its Designers, Engineers, Developers, Data Scientists and Analysts all enact their values and solutions to develop their clients’ business and offer users, customers and collaborators simple, high-tech and engaging experiences that respect their personal data. FABERNOVEL also creates and supports start-ups such as Digitick, KissKissBankBank,
Share your Office and, more recently, Urban Campus. In a world that is changing ever-faster and a “winner takes all” attitude is the default setting, FABERNOVEL’s mission is simple: to distribute the future in the most open and equitable way.


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