New Client Win: MANGO

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We are excited to announce MANGO as a new client.

Velvet will serve as the Chinese social media retainer for MANGO, in addition to overseeing online media buy, O2O innovation projects, and event management.

MANGO is a leading international fashion brand for women, men and kids established in 1984 in Barcelona. It currently has a total of 2,731 stores in 105 countries worldwide.

Video from our first MANGO event, MANGO Shopping Night, which took place on May 23 at the Jing’an Kerry Centre store in Shanghai. The event kicked off with a fashion show featuring 10 winners from the “Be a Model for One Day” online campaign. Joining the winners on the catwalk were 16 fashion KOLs who amplified the event on social media. Models were styled in the latest looks of the season, including ’70s Bohemian and Surfer Chic. Our friends from the social media platform of choice for fashionistas, Nice, joined in on the fun too.

Exploring New Frontiers: 3D Printing For Fashion & Marketing

3D Adam and Bin

Adam Huang (left) and Bin Lu (right).

3D printing will change the world, or so proponents claim. From houses and cars to body parts and clothing, the possibilities seem limitless. But what does this mean for fashion and marketing today?

Velvet invited two Shanghai-based innovators and business partners in 3D printing to speak at the French Chamber of Commerce last Thursday about how brands use 3D printing technology in marketing.

Lights from Xuberance.

Lights from Xuberance.

Bin Lu is Co-Founder of 3D design firm Xuberance. The firm recently took home First Prize at Salone Satellite at Milan Design Week for its line of 3D printed lamps and will open China’s first 3D shop this summer. In addition to its own designs, Xuberance also works with brands on prototypes and campaigns.

Xuberance headpieces for Aveda "Essence" series.

Xuberance headpieces for Aveda “Essence” series.

Adam Huang is Co-Founder of Creature of Creation, a start-up that focuses on 3D printed lifestyle products such as plates, cups and jewelry. Huang is a proponent of 3D printing’s potential to empower consumers and inspire creativity. Creature of Creation partnered with Hennessy to promote Classivm, a cognac targeting the young Chinese market. For the campaign, Creature of Creation built a 3D body scanner that has traveled to over 100 nightclubs. The scanner is displayed in the VIP sections of nightclubs and club goers who have their bodies scanned receive a miniature replica of themselves as a souvenir.

For another collaboration, the startup created 3D nails for a photo feature in ELLE China and have already received requests from nail salons. According to Huang, jewelry will be the next big industry for 3D printing. When asked how the new technology will impact more traditional craftsmanship, Huang thought 3D printed products would address the demand for affordable luxury from the burgeoning middle class while the market for higher end goods will remain.

Figurines generated from Creature of Creation body scanners for Hennessy Classivm campaign.

Figurines of club goers generated from the Creature of Creation body scanner for Hennessy Classivm.

coc 3

Creature of Creation body scanner and promotional station for Hennessy Classivm.


Event Watch – Forrester’s Summit in Shanghai on March 25th 2015

Forrester Velvet 1-1

For the third year, VELVET will sponsor the upcoming well-known Forrester China Summit on Wednesday, March 25th 2015 in Shanghai.

In the age of the customer, marketers face three acute strategic and operational challenges: how to powerfully and consistently CONNECT with distracted, empowered customers; how to deeply ENGAGE customers once you make that connection; and how to consistently DELIVER on customer obsession throughout the organization.

About the summit

At this Summit, Forrester will teach you how to thrive in the age of the customer with a focus on digital customer experiences. You’ll leave this Summit with the skills needed to:

  • Master the key concepts and skills for brand leadership across the age of the customer.
  • Create seamless brand experiences across the digital and physical divide.
  • Lead a customer-obsessed marketing organization.

Over the course of this one-day Summit, we will help you:

  • Understand China’s digitally empowered consumers and the disruptive strategies of BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent), the top three digital service and platform providers in China.
  • Analyze the complexity of Chinese consumers’ behavior on smart mobile devices, their expectations for the delivery of content over mobile, as well as real-world connectivity patterns.
  • Map your own detailed customer experience framework as the key to building a powerful digital ecosystem.
  • Master your options within the changing state of media in China, including the role of agencies and hot-button tactics such as programmatic and native advertising.
  • Design an effective customer data strategy, and identify the data and tools needed to succeed.
  • Navigate the countless cloud-based partners and platforms available.
  • Learn best practices in mobile, social, content, and utility marketing.

You can visit Forrester event page to get more information about the program and keynote speakers.

Save the date & Buy your tickets here!

Date: March 25th, 2014
Location: Le Royal Meridien, 789 Nanjing Road East – Shanghai
Duration: 1 day (8:00 am – 6:30 pm)
Price: Clients $545 – Non-clients $595 – Government, education, and nonprofit $445

Join the event at a discounted price by contacting us!

Shanghai Fashion Web 2014


Last Friday, 12th September 2014, at “LapisThai” we organized “Shanghai Fashion Web 2014”.

We gathered industry leaders and global influencers around China social media, mobile, e-commerce, startups and new trends. And also coming from various companies including:

ASC Fine Wines, Baume & Mercier, Beiersdorf, Bénéteau, Camaieu, Clarins, China Luxury Industry Association, Condé Nast, Converse, Décathlon, Façon Parfums, Fila, Fossil, Global Brands Group, I.T, IWC, Jean-Paul Hévin, Kering, L’Oréal, Loro Piana, Mango, Mustela, NIVEA, Potel & Chabot, Puma, Tissura, Toys “R”us, Xuberance

 Kevin Xiao – OFashion

Co-founder and CEO of Mfashion & Ofashion, has had over 16 years of experience with brand marketing. He has worked as account director at JWT and Grey.

OFashion is the leading shopping mobile app that offers users to shop globally, to share their experience and discuss luxury fashion.


Edwin Ting – Sina Weibo

Senior Director, his role at Weibo is to focused on developing strategies/solutions/products to increase the marketing value of the Weibo platform.

Sina Weibo  is a leading social media platform for people to create, distribute and discover Chinese-language content. Monthly active users were 156.5 million in 2014.

Rosalie Wu – Uber

Uber’s first local hire for China. Polished up by global powerhouses like MaxMara and Ruder Finn, she facilitated the celebration of Uber’s grand launch in China as part of the driving force behind the company’s fast growth in this city.

Everyone’s Private Driver – It is a mobile application that connects you with private chauffeur service on demand. Request an elegant and safe transportation by the touch of a button, in Shanghai and other 160 cities globally.

Miranda Qu – Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu)

Co-founder of Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), 8-year experience in media & marketing and 5 year general management.

Xiaohongshu is a mobile platform that focuses on the share of overseas shopping information and experience. Currently, it has over one million shoppers sharing the latest information and experiences daily. This enables users to get information by only login in the Xiaohongshu APP.

Adam Huang – Creature of Creation

Adam Huang started his career at Hearst Magazines China as special assistant to managing director. His now the co-founder of Creature of Creation, a young start-up focusing on lifestyle products based on 3D printing & digital fabrication.
C.O.C is a 3D technological service company. It is dedicated to providing enterprise clients with the best-in-class industry solutions and C.O.C plus incorporates the idea of bringing edge technology to your everyday life.

Lin Zong – SECOO

Mr Zong is the Brands Cooperation Director of SECOO.

SECOO is a leading luxury retail platform that offer services from luxury product communication, trading and professional service.

Thank to our speakers at the event; XiaoHongShu, Uber, Sina Weibo, SECOO, Creature of Creation, OFashion.

Thanks to our Media Partners, Haibao, Jing Daily, TechCrunch, Technode.

See you to our next event in September 2015!

Geek is the new Chic : VELVET Spring Party

Last Friday, 13th June 2014, at “island6 Shanghai” we organized “GEEK IS THE NEW CHIC” party.

We gathered more than 200 industry leaders and global influencers around China social media, mobile, e-commerce, startups and new trends. And also coming from various companies including: Nivea, LVMH, Lancel, Parmigiani, L’Oréal, Swarowski,, Henkel, Puma, p1, ASC Wine, Boucheron

This event has been organized to celebrate the partnership between VELVET GROUP and TechNode. Our latest project is the launch of opening doors to the 220 million French-speaking community to witness and understand the fast evolving digital landscape of China.

A special thanks to our friends of island6 gallery who provided this exceptional venue as a courtesy.

We are also greatful to Uber, Upyun and Teambition for the great gifts they offered to our guests.

See you to our next event in September 2014!

TechNode Now Speaks French, Launching With Partner VELVET Group

Velvet Partner Technode

VELVET is taking a further step to bridge the Chinese and global startup ecosystem. Today, I am proud to announce the launch of, the French language version of China tech news portal

Over the past few years, China has undergone exponential growth in digital with an Internet population of 618 million, 500 million mobile Internet users and more than 100 million tablet owners. In 2013, China overtook the United States to become the world’s largest e-commerce market with over €217 Billion in transaction value. is designed to address French speaking countries & regions (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, Canada, etc.), opening doors for the 220 million French-speaking community to witness and understand the fast evolving digital landscape of China.

Thanks to VELVET’s expertise in both Chinese and French market, TechNode teamed up with us to design and operate this new website. VELVET is leveraging its team of Chinese, English and French copywriters based in Shanghai to deliver the latest news around China social media, mobile, e-commerce, startups and new trends.

TechNode (formerly known as MOBINODE) is the leading tech blog uncovering the latest news on start-up entrepreneurs, investors, large companies and industry trends in China and Asia. TechNode is the official partner of TechCrunch, managing TechCrunch China. Its main focus are: social media, mobile and e-commerce and new trends such as Big Data and augmented reality. Written in English, Chinese and French, TechNode aims to be the go-to source for original, insightful and opinionated content that helps connect the eco-system of entrepreneur’s, investors and consumers. TechNode is founded by Dr. Gang Lu, one of the most influential Chinese tech bloggers in global web industry.

With this new site, we just can’t wait to bring more online & offline interactivity between China and French web.

If you want more details about or this announcement, please email us directly at:

Partnered Event – Selling online on China’s E-Commerce Platform in Shanghai on March 25-26th

E-Commerce in China

VELVET will partner with CCIFC for the exclusive “Selling Online on China’s E-Commerce Platforms” on March 25-26th in Shanghai. Dedicated to French companies thrilling to enter the Chinese E-Commerce market to sell products online, the French Chamber of Commerce has tailored an exclusive seminar to understand the E-Commerce market opportunities and meet experts in this field.

China’s market overview:

  • With more than 600 million netcitizens and 250 million online shoppers, China is the biggest e-Commerce market worldwide
  • 75% of Chinese shoppers buy at least once per week
  • In 2012, the overall of online sales reached more than 152 billion euros representing a YoY of 66,5%

Meet the two Leading Players on China’s E-Commerce Market Tmall – with more than 50% of E-Commerce market share – and JingDong – with more than 20% of market share ; as well as agencies expert in the field. VELVET will be pleased to be part of this value added training and be ready to answer questions or interrogations on evolving e-commerce market.

Save the date & Request more details here!

Date: March 25-26th, 2014
Location: Shanghai
Duration: 2 day
Price: 15 900 RMB

Event Watch – Forrester’s Summit in Shanghai on March 19th 2014

Forrester Summit - Shanghai

For the second year, VELVET will sponsor the upcoming well-known Forrester Summit on March 19th, 2014 in Shanghai. Forrester will be your teacher in improving digital customer experiences. Don’t forget to save the date in your agenda!

The days of double-digit GDP growth in China are over. Chinese customers are more digitally connected than ever before. In the face of slowing economic growth, the one true, defensible competitive advantage is to become customer-obsessed. To do so requires to change your approach to designing and delivering digital customer experiences.

At this year’s Summit, you’ll learn to assess how mature your organization is when it comes to customer experience models. We’ll teach you how to transform your company’s digital customer experiences to drive growth in a slowing economy.

What attendees will gain?

At this Summit, Forrester will teach you how to thrive in the age of the customer with a focus on digital customer experiences. You’ll leave this Summit with the skills needed to:

  • Create truly compelling digital customer experiences that speak to the unique and rapidly evolving needs of your Chinese consumers.
  • Achieve digital marketing, sales, and service experience supremacy by advancing your organization’s customer experience maturity.
  • Build a sales, marketing, and service ecosystem that seamlessly blends digital and traditional channels.
Why attend a Forrester Summit?
  • Accelerate your success. Through keynote and track sessions led by Forrester analysts, we deliver thought leadership and practical advice designed for your role that you can apply to your business challenges the day you return to the office.
  • Learn from your peers and other experts in the field. Industry speakers, who are dealing with the same challenges as you, will share their success stories and respond to your questions
  • Engage with Forrester analysts. Speak with Forrester analysts to think through how you will apply what you learn at the Summit when you are back at your company.
  • Connect with peers. During discussions and roundtables or over a drink, share and gain knowledge and new perspectives from a network of peers — more than 200 delegates attend — facing similar challenges.
  • Get an exclusive first look at new research and survey data. Be the first to hear about Forrester’s latest big ideas and survey results.

Save the date & Buy your tickets here!

Date: March 19th, 2014
Location: Le Royal Meridien, 789 Nanjing Road East – Shanghai
Duration: 1 day (8:30 am – 6:30 pm)
Price: Clients $545 – Non-clients $595 – Government, education, and nonprofit $445

Event Watch – Open Company Asia in Shanghai on April 15th-16th 2014

OpenCompany Shanghai

This will be the most creative company visit you have seen yet: VELVET and OpenCompany Asia brings you a blend of corporate presentations in our Shanghai office. Hear first-hand from entrepreneurs & innovators on how they are transforming the way we do business in Asia. OpenCompany Asia aims to disrupt the typical conference model where speakers from various companies converge to a hotel ballroom and speak in front of delegates.

At this event, we will share our story – both triumphs and challenges faced – in addition to advice on how to leverage the entrepreneurial mindset regardless of what industry or sector we are in. We will also focus our presentation how Fashion & Luxury revolve around innovation, social media, e-commerce, sustainability and business excellence in China.

During 2 days, participants will go the companies’ offices to attend 60-minutes presentations done by its founders. Afterwards, each participants will be able to ask their own questions during the Q&A, visit the facility within the area decided by the host and enjoy some refreshments when available.

Save the date & Buy your tickets here!

Date: April 15th-16th, 2014
Location: Around Shanghai
Duration: 2 day (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)
Price: Regular Pass USD 150 – VIP Pass USD 250 (Get a 20% discount here)