Paris, 25 October 2018

FABERNOVEL has acquired creative agency Le Side Car and is launching FABERNOVEL STORIES

FABERNOVEL recently completed the acquisition of Le Side Car, a creative agency that specializes in supporting start-ups and major groups’ innovation projects, and has announced the launch of its new business unit: FABERNOVEL STORIES.

Founded in 2015 by Luc Dagognet, Le Side Car offers a unique model which encompasses developing communication and storytelling strategies, experience design and brand identity development, and designing creative and effective campaigns. Le Side Car’s team of 12 professionals (strategy planners, copywriters, art directors, business development managers) has worked with over 80 clients, including Waze, Txfy, Foodchéri, Balinea and Qonto.

This acquisition is part of FABERNOVEL’s overarching corporate strategy. The digital service and product group aims to support major organizations in their transformation, from resource allocation and strategy development to new product and service launches and now developing and executing high-impact messages that are key to their adoptions.

“Today, major organizations are reaching maturity in how they approach the challenges inherent to change. They’re putting more and more of their budget into these aspect, and will continue to do so, as was demonstrated by the recent Gartner study. But this investment will remain fruitless if the products and services they create don’t attract their target market, whether users or consumers. We acquired Le Side Car as a way of assisting these market leaders in rolling out their engagement and communication strategies. And because we’re digital experts at heart, we’re drawing on digital culture and creativity to do so,” explains Stéphane Distinguin, founder and CEO of FABERNOVEL.

“FABERNOVEL STORIES is the next logical step in FABERNOVEL’s goal of supporting companies in their transformation – every step of the way”.

“FABERNOVEL STORIES is a creative agency that was founded to squeeze every last drop of potential out of new technological opportunities, combining strategic precision, creative freedom, and the ability to work quickly and with a huge range of formats. We’re advertising people, we cut our teeth in tech, and now we’re here to fuse great storytelling with high-impact results, drawing on all the skill-sets and expertise the FABERNOVEL group represents,” adds Luc Dagognet, CEO of FABERNOVEL STORIES.



Luc spent six years at BETC (Havas group) as a Senior Strategic Planner (Crédit Agricole, L’Oréal, Danone, Skyteam, Mondelez) before being appointed Head of Development at BETC Content. In 2015, he co-founded Le Side Car.



As a result of this acquisition:
– The entire Le Side Car team will be joining FABERNOVEL STORIES.
– Luc Dagognet, CEO and Creative Director at Side Car, will now be CEO of FABERNOVEL STORIES.
– FABERNOVEL will be taking its first steps in the creative agency market, the final link in the value proposition chain and key to supporting companies through change.


About Le Side Car

Founded in 2015 by former BETC (Havas) employees, Le Side Car is a creative agency made up of 12 experts with a combined portfolio of 80 clients, 80% of which are start-ups, and 20% of which are major groups in strategy, production, copywriting and art direction. Soon after it was first founded, the agency worked with Waze, Balinea, Qonto and Txfy, supporting the companies with communication strategy, identity and creative campaign roll-out.

Today, Le Side Car stands out on the Parisian creative agency scene through its flagship projects and breakthrough innovative campaigns for major brands.


Founded in 2003 by Stéphane Distinguin, FABERNOVEL is a full-stack consulting and creation group for digital products and services that has been working for 15 years with major international groups, including more than ¾ of the French CAC 40 in their cultural and digital transformation and innovation trajectory. FABERNOVEL currently gathers 400 employees on 3 continents (US, Europe and Asia). Its Designers, Engineers, Developers, Data Scientists and Analysts all enact their values and solutions to develop their clients’ business and offer users, customers and collaborators simple, high-tech and engaging experiences that respect their personal data. FABERNOVEL also creates and supports start-ups such as Digitick, KissKissBankBank,
Share your Office and, more recently, Urban Campus. In a world that is changing ever-faster and a “winner takes all” attitude is the default setting, FABERNOVEL’s mission is simple: to distribute the future in the most open and equitable way.


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Joachim Martin
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FABERNOVEL opens Singapore office to boost Asia presence

Paris, September 20th, 2018


FABERNOVEL has announced the launch of an office in Singapore, allowing it to firmly establish itself at the heart of one of the most bustling and innovative locations in the region.

Singapore, a global innovation hub

Ranked 5th most innovative country according to the Global Innovation Index 2018 and leading Smart City in the world, Singapore is the international hub for innovation and new technologies. Today, Singapore is home to 4,300 tech startups, over 400 incubators and venture capital firms, and attracts talents, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world owing to its high level of investment in fields such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Regarded as the Asian Silicon Valley, Singapore is internationally renowned as a forerunner, particularly in the fields of Fintech, Healthtech and mobility.


Singapore, gateway to the next billion internet users

Southeast Asia is a nexus for digitalization and a sharing economy. With a young and dynamic population of 652 million inhabitants (60% is aged below 35), the region has been triumphed over by brands and platforms (led by GAFA and BAT), which are engaged in a relentless war to spread their practices. With 90% of internet access from mobile phones and 600 million smartphones expected by 2025, Southeast Asia is the cradle of the next billion web users.

The region is equally experiencing a revival of consumption practices: e-commerce is growing exponentially (+41% growth on average annually between 2015 and 2017); mobility is increasingly viewed as a service: mobile payment solutions are emerging in the region where less than half of the population has a bank account.


After Shanghai in 2017, Singapore in 2018

The establishment of the Singapore office demonstrates FABERNOVEL’s willingness to support major international groups with regard to their innovation and digital transformation strategies in Southeast Asia. The move is in extension to the launch of the Shanghai office in 2017, following the acquisition of the VELVET Group. Sylvain Joandel, former member of the management team of the Shanghai office, has been appointed as General Manager of the Singapore office, reporting to Patrice Nordey, CEO FABERNOVEL Asia.


The expertise developed by the Singapore team on the particularities of Southeast Asia complements that of Shanghai on the Chinese ecosystem, thus allowing FABERNOVEL to serve its clients through an international approach with local relevance. In Singapore, the FABERNOVEL teams will rely on a solid base of major client accounts, which have already entrusted them with a series of strategic and digital transformation projects since January 2018. They include international players operating in the luxury, beauty, hospitality, travel, energy and retail industries.


Stéphane Distinguin, Founder and CEO of FABERNOVEL

“Historically based in Paris, San Francisco and Lisbon, FABERNOVEL has decided to step up its international development in the past two years with launches in New York in 2016, Shanghai in 2017 and Singapore in September 2018. Each time, we bet on supporting an entrepreneur who is already established and highly conversant with the region. The next phases of our development should lead us to other continents, Africa – particularly – set to be the global growth driver and innovation stronghold.




Sylvain Joandel, General Manager of FABERNOVEL’s Singapore office

“The presence of FABERNOVEL in Singapore, at the heart of Southeast Asia, will allow us to provide our international clients with privileged access to this innovation hub in order to grasp, to draw inspiration and to benefit from the budding opportunities in the region.”

Sylvain Joandel has 9 years’ experience in digital consultancy and marketing. After almost ten years in China, he recently relocated to Singapore to extend FABERNOVEL’s reach in Asia. He provides day-to-day support to multinational firms on digital transformation aspects, by offering strategic advice as well as through programs that blend leadership and digital aspects, designed to engage their teams and help them navigate their corporate culture transformation.

Sylvain began his career as international consultant for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and helped organize scientific summits during the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.



Founded in 2003 by Stéphane Distinguin, FABERNOVEL is a full-stack consulting and creation group for digital products and services that has been working for 15 years with major international groups, including more than ¾ of the French CAC 40 in their cultural and digital transformation and innovation trajectory. FABERNOVEL currently gathers 400 employees on 3 continents (US, Europe and Asia). Its Designers, Engineers, Developers, Data Scientists and Analysts all enact their values and solutions to develop their clients’ business and offer users, customers and collaborators simple, high-tech and engaging experiences that respect their personal data. FABERNOVEL also creates and supports start-ups such as Digitick, KissKissBankBank, Share your Office and, more recently, Urban Campus. In a world that is changing ever-faster and a “winner takes all” attitude is the default setting, FABERNOVEL’s mission is simple: to distribute the future in the most open and equitable way.


Zineb Akharraz Torikian
+33 6 37 43 93 25

Frédérique Lemonnier
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KERING appoints FABERNOVEL for its Learning Expedition in China

FABERNOVEL was very proud to partner with the Kering on a 3-Day Learning Expedition in Shanghai and Hangzhou to meet with tech startups and digital giants such as Alibaba.

Alibaba x Kering

VELVET presents Daring Partner campaign for Roger Dubuis

The Swiss Watchmaker ROGER DUBUIS partnered with VELVET the Shanghai-based Social Media agency, to underscore its audacious & avant-garde DNA among the savvy Chinese audience. “Daring Partner” campaign invites them to tap, swipe, and shake to digitally find the timepiece that perfectly match their unique lifestyle.

5 years after its creation, WeChat is still at the top of the curve of social media with over 768 million users. Luxury houses have been massively investing through this path as the surest way to reach the connected generation and express a clear brand positioning and voice. VELVET took that bet and partnered with Roger Dubuis, to deliver an easy to interact yet unique experience through China top one social platform, WeChat.

Roger Dubuis' unique contemporary luxury watchmaking

Roger Dubuis’ unique contemporary luxury watchmaking

VIP dinners on the top of the Mont Blanc

VIP dinners on the top of the Mont Blanc

Roger Dubuis delivering experiential content through VR

Roger Dubuis delivering experiential content through VR

Unique since its very creation in 1995, Roger Dubuis has been at the forefront of contemporary luxury watch industry thanks to its exceptional watchmaking mechanisms and quality combined with highly differentiated, audacious designs. From VIP dinners on the top of the Mont Blanc in the French Alps to innovative format as one of the first brand to deliver experiential content through VR during its branded events, Roger Dubuis takes a strong position about offering unforgettable experiences.


A unique experience with WeChat HTML5 mini-site

Roger Dubuis' WeChat H5 mini-site Roger Dubuis' WeChat H5 mini-site Roger Dubuis' WeChat H5 mini-siteRoger Dubuis' WeChat H5 mini-site Roger Dubuis' WeChat H5 mini-site


To celebrate the uniqueness of Roger Dubuis core collection Excalibur, VELVET designed a fully branded HTML 5 on WeChat where watch lovers can easily tap to answer and shake to get its best Daring Partner timepiece.

After sharing some snapshots of the selected watch – to be found in Roger Dubuis stores – participants will be selected to win extraordinary experiences in China including tickets for the upcoming FFF GT Race in Shanghai this September, or invitations at the most exclusive Roger Dubuis event in October…


Leveraging online influencers (KOLs)

As for any luxury brand looking to amplify its messaging online, KOLs has long been a long-term and effective strategy than traditional advertising. For the campaign, Roger Dubuis has been leveraged to give educational background on the brand core values and cultural references. For instance, JiLiang, a KOL who has over 256,000 followers on WeChat, focused on the sword ‘Excalibur’ as the physical interpretation of every conquering men best partner.


WeChat Moment Ads

Roger Dubuis WeChat Moment Ad by VELVET

In addition, with influencers, Roger Dubuis has been leveraging WeChat advertising system to reach beyond their target audience. Since 2014, Tencent has began to experiment with banner ads on WeChat and later in early 2015, rolled it out on its users’ Moments allowing brands to gain media exposure in a premium location. Over the past year, Tencent has been investing more in the technology that allows advertisers to target ads based on a user’s online activities and preferences allowing more sophisticated formats.


Access Roger Dubuis WeChat Account & Online Experience


11 Daring Partner campaign 10 RD Wechat account




VELVET Presents: What Are Chinese Travelers Saying About Your Brand?


VELVET, the digital agency for premium and luxury brands, is excited to invite guests to a presentation about one of the most relevant tools for digital marketers today: social listening and tracking.

VELVET and 6Estates, an AI powered Big Data analytics company, will co-present insights from a study based on the online activities of Chinese outbound travelers to UK and France, as well as the digital discussions around UK and France between the peak travel months of October 2015 to April 2016.

Founded in 2014, 6Estates is a Singapore-based technology company that spun off from NExT a joint research center between the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Tsinghua University of China, to provide global business real-time insights and predictions of consumer behavior and preferences with a focus on China.

Leveraging on large volumes of data collection and analysis with AI-based Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning & Knowledge Graph technologies, 6Estates processes digital consumer content to facilitate smarter marketing decisions to bridge the gap between global businesses of which are keen to understand the China market, and Chinese businesses competing in global markets.

Join us in discussing the results of a report based on over one million data points.

The invite-only event is part of a bi-monthly series co-organized with our strategic partner, XNode Co-working Space and Startup Accelerator.


Patrice Nordey, Founder & CEO, VELVET

Patrice Nordey is a digital veteran with over 15 years of e-business experience across Europe and APAC. He consults international companies on the deployment of Digital Marketing & Communication, Social Media, and e-Commerce in China.

Prior to VELVET, Nordey worked at L’Atelier, the innovation arm of BNP Paribas. During his 11-year tenure, he spearheaded major digital projects as part of the strategy department in the Paris head office before serving as APAC CEO in Shanghai.

Xu Tao, Head of Product, 6Estates

Xu Tao is a passionate Product Evangelist specializing in products and solutions that improve the consumer experience and generate consumer insights. Throughout his career, he has helped build web apps, mobile apps, data analytics applications, and virtual chatbots using NLP/NLG and machine learning technologies. Prior to joining 6Estates, Xu Tao was the Regional Product Manager for WDS, a subsidiary of Xerox.


  • Top sightseeing and shopping destinations in the UK/France
  • Top brands shopped in the UK/France
  • Top brands discussed online
  • Travel preferences by demographic
  • Purchasing patterns
  • Points of influence & impact (celebrity, events, news, public policy)



Event: The Future of Virtual Reality for Brands

After decades of being relegated to the domains of science fiction and fantasy, virtual reality is finally coming to the masses. The year 2016 marks the first time virtual reality devices and content are accessible on a mass scale to consumers. In fact, it is possible to access virtual reality content through one’s smartphone and a simple cardboard glass for as little as RMB 20. Considering the imminent spread of virtual reality, the marketing potential for brands is immense and industries such as travel, real estate, and auto are among early adopters.

VELVET invites Eloi Gerard and Robert Ellis, co-founders of virtual reality content company Crow’s Nest, to speak on the latest developments in virtual reality and how brands can integrate it into marketing and communication strategies to better serve consumers. Solene Anglaret, Business Development Associate Director of Thomas Cook will present a case study and demo of a campaign in partnership with Crow’s Nest. Jim Lerch, Business Development Director and Enfys Luk, Senior Manager of East Asia, Integrated Marketing, both of Youku, will join for a Q&A session.

Crow’s Nest


Crow’s Nest Founder Eloi Gerard.

Crow’s Nest is the leading virtual reality agency in China, specializing in virtual content creation. Combining storytelling and filming expertise with 360 VR technologies, we build new worlds and amazing immersive experiences, from concept to production, and deliver content-driven campaigns online and offline. Thomas Cook, Club Med, Metro and PSA trust us to tell their brand stories and explore with us endless possibilities in VR.

Eloi Gerard

Eloi is the founder of Crow’s Nest. Thanks to a decade of experience as a consultant at Deloitte and a film producer, Eloi

has an extensive background at the crossroad of sales, operations and film production. He came to China in 2012 and joined the media production agency Must, where he met Rob. Throughout his career, Eloi served many brands (VW, Porsche, Volvo, Michelin, Bridgestone, Google, Puma, Adidas, Nike) and agencies (TBWA, DDB, Edelman, Jack Morton Worldwide, Y&R,


Crow's Nest Co-founder Robert Ellis.

Crow’s Nest Co-founder Robert Ellis.

Robert Ellis

Co-founder of Crow’s Nest, Rob has over a decade of experience in video, film and creative direction in UK and China. Rob worked on major film productions across UK, including “Batman” and “Alexander”. In 2009, he came to China to work for a photography agency and soon joined Must, where he met Eloi. As a creative director, Rob has been a driving force in assisting brands such as Porsche, Tudor, Converse, Johnny Walker, Martel, Adidas, Coach, China Mobile, L’Oreal, and more.


EVENT DATE: April 21st, from 6:30 pm

VENUE:  CCIFC Shanghai

(This event is open to members of the French Chamber of Commerce (CCIFC) only.)

More info: http://www.ccifc.org/event/d/the-future-of-virtual-reality-for-brands




VELVET and XNode Announce Official Strategic Partnership

VELVET is excited to announce an official strategic partnership with XNode Co-working Space and Startup Accelerator.

VELVET and XNode have worked together on several key collaborations since 2015 and this announcement marks a new chapter in our continued partnership. Through the partnership, VELVET will continue to connect the network of XNode startups with board-level brand executives visiting China on learning expeditions to observe Chinese innovation. VELVET’s clients will also gain unlimited access to XNode’s massive startup network in China. In addition, VELVET and XNode will co-organize exclusive, qualitative events at XNode venues throughout Shanghai with the aim of uniting brand executives with China’s foremost innovators and startups.

The first event will take place on Thursday, March 31 in Shanghai. The exclusive gathering will feature guest speakers from Carlipa, the leader in connected, luxury retail experiences, speaking about omnichannel and O2O marketing best practices.

About XNode

XNode was founded to be the center of innovation in Greater Shanghai, with five prime location spaces in central Shanghai by the end of 2016: Fudan University, Jing’an Temple, North Bund, Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park and Donghu Road. Our vision is to source, filter, identify, mentor, and accelerate high-caliber startup ventures that possess the passion and ability to create scalable businesses that will disrupt traditional sectors. We plan to do this by providing each team with not only first class space, but relevant mentorship, financial investment and business support.

XNode focuses on building international entrepreneur communities by setting up close or exclusive partnerships with global leading incubators and accelerators. In addition to offering VC/PE/Angel investor access and mentorship, XNode links startups with major Chinese corporations and top professional service firms i.e. Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, King&Wood Mallesons, etc. through the Corporate Innovation & Incubation program.

More information: www.thexnode.com


VELVET is a China-born, French-led digital strategy and activation agency serving luxury and premium brands. VELVET’S core expertise include social media, influencer marketing, media planning and buying, search marketing, strategic consulting, corporate training and learning expeditions.

VELVET x AXA Innovation Program

VELVET partnered with insurance leader AXA to deliver a digital innovation program including learning expeditions, keynote speakers and a Startups Demo Day with 15 up-and-coming Chinese tech companies. The program, customized for 200 senior level AXA executives, also involved Baidu, Sina Weibo, Dianping, PPDAI, Baozun and the newly opened co-working space XNode.

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Nice x MANGO

We’re excited to announce the launch of MANGO’s Nice account.

Now MANGO fans have another platform to view and share their favorite outfits.

nice poster


Below: Photo collection.

main page-1_2345看图王


Below: Nice photos from Mango fans.

凯特王-1toni-1Rosemm-2A Alisbaby-1 518896718_2345看图王 406502194_2345看图王


Follow MANGO on Nice

Step 1: Download the Nice app

Step 2: Search “MANGO中国”

Step 3: Follow “MANGO中国”