Unlocking the Potential of Chinese Outbound Travelers

Unlocking the Potential of Chinese Outbound Travelers

The return of Global Chinese Consumers


The COVID-19 pandemic upended the world in 2019, bringing unprecedented challenges to the travel and tourism industry. However, as China emerges from the pandemic, the country’s citizens are increasingly eager to travel abroad once again.

This 100+ slides study seeks to explore the trends and key observations of China’s outbound travel recovery after COVID-19, including the increased demand for travel, the pace of travel recovery and the key travel destinations, covering Hong Kong, Macao, Hainan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, France, U.S., Australia, Dubai (UAE).

Overall, this study provides insights into the post-pandemic travel market, shedding light on the changing trends and dynamics of Chinese travelers. As we look towards the future, this study should provide valuable information for brands and other travel industry stakeholders.

Special thanks to Trip.com Group and RED for providing us with exclusive data. This invaluable resource has enabled us to identify and analyze the prevailing trends in China’s outbound travel market.


Since November 2022, there has been a surge of consumer enthusiasm for travel due to policy relaxations.

Expect a slow travel recovery, constrained by several factors, including flight capacity, visa application limitations, and expensive airfares.

Get an overview of top 10 destinations, where brands can capture the first wave of Chinese travelers.

Generate consumer insights with our deep-dive analysis into the key travel destinations.

Get expert views from luxury and tourism industry leaders, including LVMH Beauty, L’Occitane, Lagardère Travel Retail, Trip.com and China Visit Portugal.

With 15+ case studies of prestigious luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton, CELINE, Cartier, Hennessy, Roger Dubuis and much more, decode your brand strategies to re-engage with Chinese outbound travelers.

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