Coffeestication: The explosion of coffee culture in China


The explosion of coffee culture in China


China has been a millennial tea culture, and yet, in the past 10 years, coffee culture has exploded. Coffee retail sales grew tenfold between 2013 and 2023, and Chinese higher tiers cities coffee consumption per capita is now on par with the US. Despite this explosion, there is still tremendous room to grow.

Starbucks calls China its second home market, and Chinese investors have been massively financing local champions, creating a vibrant, sophisticated market, characterized by local flavours and local trends.

In Coffeestication, The explosion of coffee culture in China, we look at China’s coffee market size as well as its unique characteristics with product innovation, consumption trends and brand activation. Then, we zoom into three Chinese coffee brands which illustrate a movement, and two foreign coffee brands using our Chinafication framework to identify their level of localization and opportunities.


Get a grasp of China’s coffee market size. The immense opportunities make localization investment worthwhile.

Explore the sophistication of the coffee culture in China

Delve into 3 dimensions of China’s coffee market characteristicsproduct innovation, consumption trends, and brand activation

Leverage social media to scale up your business.

Get insights from the rising Chinese coffee brands, with examples of strong local players: Luckin Coffee, Manner Coffee, Saturnbird Coffee…

Refer to the Fabernovel localization framework to test your localization maturity.

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