Stream Into The Future: How will Live Streaming reshape the consumer-brand relationship

Stream Into The Future:

How will Live Streaming reshape the consumer-brand relationship


Live Streaming has already become a vital module of e-commerce globally, and the disruption is coming from China where Live Streaming sales accounted for 10% of e-commerce sales (2020) and where 68% of its 841 million netizens are active live streaming audience (2022).

Live Streaming transformed e-commerce through reshuffling the consumer discovery journey, making and breaking star KOLs, digitalising offline retailers during the pandemic, allowing brands to appear more relatable and social than ever before and giving rise to major emerging digital platforms.

After enhancing traditional e-commerce, could Live Streaming further disrupt consumers’ digital journey?

In this study, we analyze weak signals, interview experts, and project ourselves 5 to 10 years ahead. With our original sketch art, we visualize how Live Streaming would reshape the consumer/brand relationship from five dimensions:

Hardware technologies: Infinite interfaces

Content: Transparent and hyper personalized

Hosts: beyond human forms of life

Products: Live-Streamable & customized

Regulation: Real-time control


What e-commerce means to sales now will be what live streaming will be to commerce in the future: a vital module of commerce and a key area of disruption.

Explore the great potential of live streaming in China.

5 dimensions we observed that will further disrupt consumers’ digital journey.

#1 Hardware tech: Inifinite live streaming interfaces.

Three technological thresholds to eventually create a brand new live streaming experience.

Device-agnostic would eventually become the fundamental feature of live streaming, enabling ubiquitous accessibility on almost any flat surface.

The universalization of holography and its combination with 3D printing could disrupt the live streaming experiences in the future. 

Technology breakthroughs would orchestrate all five senses of human to simulate the ultimate sensational experiences including those of live streaming.

Delve into the key business implications behind each dimension.

Get insights from our conviction.

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