Step into R-Space: Build Your Chinaverse on Xiaohongshu

Ever since the first digital-only couture ‘Iridescence’ was created by The Fabricant Studio and sold at an auction for $9500, virtual apparels have been disrupting the traditional fashion economy in an unprecedented way, creating a more democratic, creative and sustainable fashion industry for the young metaverse citizens.

With the rising of metaverse economy, AR apparel try-on and wearable NFTs are becoming the forefront of digital fashion. Following our fresh study of “Into the Chinaverse”, today we will delve into the R-Space, an NFT platform launched by Xiaohongshu in November 2021, where both creators and consumers can meet and trade digital collectibles. Through AR capability and 3D technology, R-Space has become an experimental playground to inspire the communities to express themselves with a new level of creativity and experience.

According to its official statement, the R-digital collectible has a unique identification based on a blockchain technology called Zhixin Chain. It is an original digital work and commodity displayed and used within the Xiaohongshu platform with the characteristics of being digital, unique, scarce, and public.

In R–Space, everyone can be a tastemaker, curator and creator. Since its roll-out in November 2021, R–Space has become the creative launchpad for a host of digital artists, fashion designers, virtual influencers and metaverse-native brands. As of July,  800+ digital collectibles are being traded on R-Space with a community of  100+ digital artists and designers.

How to purchase digital collectibles on R–Space?

Search “Digital Collectible” inside the search bar to access to the R-Space homepage

Register a specific digital account in addition to a Xiaohongshu account with an identity check in order to purchase with the minimum age of 18 required

Claim the digital collectible(s) after the purchase to allow an exclusive 3D experience from your personal Xiaohongshu account

Share with your communities with your new look

At Fabernovel, we have invited 2 teammates as the experience ambassadors to share their self-expressions with the digital fashion on R–Space. Cody is our NFT tech playground coach and a Roblox gaming lover. And Agnes is our account executive and a band keyboarder.

Digital fashion, tokenized loyalty, immersive experiences and creator economy are architecting a new fashion utopia and Meta-tainment future for everyone. In our observation, the future of fashion will continue to grow more expressive, more cultural, more artistic and more social than ever as we evolve together into the meta-futures. And it will provide unparalleled opportunities for fashion and beauty brands to build their unique meta-tribes in a new form of creativity and collaboration. Here we have identified 3 formats for brands to capitalize on the R–Space.

Xiaohongshu teamed up with SHFW to launch a digital fashion showcase – DESIGNVERSE, in partnership with 09 Chinese fashion designers with 3,000 virtual garments released on R–Space. It makes Xiaohongshu a new playground for fashion brands and designers to rethink and repurpose a new way of engagement with the Gen Z communities.

Virtual idols and artists are fast becoming a billion-dollar industry in China with the hype of Metaverse and ACG subcultures. And technologies like AI, AR and VR have enabled virtual idols to become even more real. Direct-to-avatar will become the new direct-to-consumer. Many brands are already collaborating with virtual idols to co-create meta-content and assets in the format of videos, music and live-streaming.

R–Space is incubating a cohort of digital artists as we voyage into the Metaverse, providing new play-to-earn opportunities for brands to dial up the partnership with the local artist communities to develop their own digital asset strategies and to experiment within the new environment with the NFT collectibles.

The metaverse is becoming an increasingly large presence in our everyday lives with a new matrix of expressions and values, making it a gateway for community, spiritual and cultural resilience. Despite the fact that R–Space digital collectibles are different from the NFTs in the Western due to the strict regulations and censorship upon the crypto market in China, it provides a creative toolbox and immense possibilities for brands to maximize the market value of digital collectibles and director-to-avatar economy.

How we foresee R–Space:

An experiential hub to test and pilot your Metaverse strategy

A community to co-create your content and engagement with cultural opinion leaders and virtual idols

An innovation lab to reshape your products, experiences and consumer habits

Fabernovel is your innovative partner to empower you to test and build your Metaverse strategy.

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