How can your Mini Program benefit from WeData?

What is WeData?

The WeChat ecosystem has been improving over the years. Brands, including big names, are adding Mini Programs as part of their omnichannel marketing strategy. Statistics show that, by 2022, Mini Programs contribute 20% of GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) in the beauty segment. Along with the increasing number of companies joining this new wave of marketing, there is a need from business owners for evaluating and improving the performance of their Mini Programs by analyzing user data.

Launched in 2022, WeData is a relatively new tool that was invented to fulfill business owners’ need for data analysis. Small and medium-sized enterprises will especially benefit from it. With a limited budget to hire enough experienced data engineers, they can hardly be satisfied with a self-built data analysis tool to support their business. Large corporations can also leverage this tool. Although they have more budget, the costs are still tremendous for them, and their desires for finer granularity of data for causal analysis can be satisfied using WeData.

How do we use WeData in Mini Program lifecycles?

The usual Mini Program life cycle involves RESEARCH, DESIGN, BUILD, and MEASURE where data are generated and collected.

Usually, WeData collects data during daily operations. It will then be integrated into monthly reports so that business owners can evaluate the performance of their Mini Program and see business growth over the months. Moreover, WeData is also useful in the early stages. Intervention during design and development allows us to leverage WeData for a comprehensive analysis that leads to precise and meaningful business decisions.

Key features provided by WeData

Core Data

Want to have an overview of your Mini Program?


Daily users, New users, Sessions, Retention rate, Top 10 traffic sources, Top 10 most visited pages…

Core data give us an examination of the overall performance of the Mini Program over a certain period of time.

Real-Time Data

How are users using your Mini Program right now?


Visits, Sessions, Pageviews,Traffic source

In this section, it is supported to view the 5-minute granularity of real-time access data, which allows Mini Program merchants to monitor and analyze operational activities at the present time.

Traffic Analysis

How many users visited your Mini Program? Are they new or existing users? Where did they come from?


Daily/weekly/monthly users, Daily/weekly/monthly sessions, Daily/weekly/monthly new users, Traffic source, Traffic source of new users

In this section, you will learn the sources of your traffic, which helps you decide when & where to advertise. For example, discovering at what time on a certain day of a week has the most sessions for each channel, advertisements can be placed in a suitable way to attract maximal traffic with minimal cost.

Retention Analysis

Will your customers come back to your Mini Program in the upcoming weeks after they visited the Mini Program once?


The percentage of users who re-open the Mini Program after certain days/weeks/months.

Investigate in detail here to find out how your Mini Program performs in retaining customers. When the retention rates are high, you can learn from the success and adopt a similar tactic next time. Otherwise, a reflection is required in order to make improvements, for example, not having enough interesting content to retain users, etc.

Page Analysis

Which page in the Mini Program has the most visits?


Daily pageviews, Percentage of users/sessions that had only 1 pageview, Average page depth by user/session, Path analysis

To detect anomalies in page views, this analysis is prepared for you. You can see which page is not as popular as you expected. Together with path analysis, you will find out where your customers dropped along the way from the landing page to the target, and consequently make an optimization to solve inefficiency and aim for more conversions.

User Analysis

Who uses your Mini Program?


Gender, Age, Device, Location

Knowing demographic information, you can modify the design of and the contents on your Mini Program to satisfy the target audience.

Custom Reports

This allows your analysis goes beyond the basic metrics.

Funnel Analysis: It illustrates the percent of users lost in each step of a conversion process. This helps to detect steps that lower the conversion.

Event Analysis: Define on your own what event you want to track and how an event will be triggered. It helps to answer questions such as which channel had the highest number of user registrations, which hour in a day gained the highest revenue, etc.

The value and benefits of WeData are obvious: It helps businesses to track performances of their Mini Programs, not only page and journey analysis, but also channel performance, so problems can be discovered early and improvements can be made accordingly. More importantly, it provides an opportunity to see consumer demographic profiles, which would be very useful for businesses in planning marketing campaigns in a targeted manner.

There are a lot of data insights that can be acquired from WeData, but to maximize the potential, data planning has to be involved even at the very early stage of the Mini Program development. This could be difficult for many MP owners or ignored by developers, while at Fabernovel, we have included this service as part of our standard offering.

How do we engage with Global Chinese Consumers? How can we set up infrastructure for digital experience and data collection? This demography, regardless of where each individual resides, is deeply connected with both the global and China’s digital ecosystems. This means that they can be reached by WeChat just like their domestic peers. Fabernovel is currently assisting clients to conduct deep-dive research on sub-segments of Global Chinese Consumers comprehensively and to develop travel-oriented Mini Programs to be integrated into the brand WeChat ecosystem.

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