WeChat Mini-Program Analytic Toolkit

WeChat Mini-Program

Analytic Toolkit


Following our first release on this topic in 2019, we are excited to give readers the opportunity to learn from our experience in WeChat Mini-Program development and analytics which is why we are proud to release an all-in-one guide for WeChat mini-program analytics 2022 version. 

As of 2022, over 78% of people in China aged 16-64 are using WeChat – the most popular app in the country. Mini-programs, the sub-applications built within the WeChat ecosystem, are one of the most popularly used methods to convert customers which annual transactions totaling over 1.5 trillion RMB. Extremely versatile, quick, and affordable to develop, Mini-programs allow brands to engage and convert consumers. 

Mini-programs are an alternative to the large marketplaces by offering an equivalent to the brand.com website for China and a key pillar for deploying private domain traffic. However, in order to unlock their potential and optimize their performance,  the use of analytics is crucial. How can brands define and monitor KPIs for their Mini-Programs while learning about the behavior of their consumers?


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Deep dive into the reasons why you need to connect your mini-programs to multiple sources.

Explore how to optimize your digital ecosystem with mini-programs.

Take full authority over your user information.

Build your own tracking solution that gives you the greatest ROI in the long run.

Trial on two different versions and find the optimal solution for you to drive the traffic.

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