TX Huaihai Youth Energy Center

TX Huaihai | Youth Energy Center (hereinafter referred to as TX Huaihai), located on Huaihai Road, Shanghai’s first curated retail mall is dedicated to creating a museum-like environment that integrates technology, innovation, fashion, social interaction, and many other elements.

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The mall has 6 floors covering 27,000 square meters. Each floor has an open space for pop-up activities and has a unique community culture. 

The name Youth Energy Center is based on the intention of creating a center for multicultural and young lifestyles to target GenZ consumers (Generation Z, refers to people who were born in the mid-to-late 1990s to the early 2010s).


No.523 Middle Huaihai Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

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With “DOUX” as the design concept, TX Huaihai integrates the four core elements of “Digital, Oasis, Urban, and X (Collaboration)” and builds a brand new concept for the public trendy landmark. 

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The digitalization of this mall is divided into two parts: Big Data and Art Installation.

Big Data

Supported by Big Data technology, TX Huaihai’s curated retail model is based on bringing internet-famous brands and merchants to the offline world, with sophisticated data analysis driving decisions and suggesting enhancements to boost performance. This model attracts many brands to open their 1st flagship store or pop-up store here.

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Art Installation

The 40-meter-high Mega LED screen installed at the building is one of the biggest art installations among malls in Shanghai. Visual artworks are circulated on the screen according to campaigns and activities. The Interactive function is opened to consumers when there are activities. For instance, during the opening period, consumers/KOL can apply their Douyin short videos and display them on the screen.


OASIS means visual experience and sustainability.

Space Design

TX Huaihai reserved spare space for timely exhibitions on account of GenZ’s pursuit of art and trends.

The indoor space (1st floor) is designed to extend to the public street, breaking the boundary between the outdoor block and the indoor commercial space. It is also a trigger to connect the social community

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Apart from this,  five stages in different sizes are designed on each floor, with the average frequency of two exhibitions per week attracting fashion and exhibition lovers and stimulating new consumption.


TX Huaihai also values environmental protection. Many brands in the mall are committed to sustainability, such as LTO KAFFTEC.

LTO KAFFTEC is a boutique coffee chain brand that has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection, MANNER joined the LTO × KAFFTEC recurring philosophy and environmental protection flash event, creating a coffee shop on the first floor in TX Huaihai.

The coffee bar, tables and chairs in the store are made of recycled coffee grounds and upgraded materials. Here, MANNER will combine a series of environmentally-friendly themed activities throughout the space.

Sustainable decorations inside
Photo Credit: MannerCoffee Official
Chairs made of coffee grounds
Photo Credit: MannerCoffee Official


TX Huaihai has turned the commercial space into a creative community of urban fashion and introduced more trendy brands in the business layout. KüKü is one of these brands that integrate innovation and urban culture

Window display in KüKü
Photo Credit: www.gooood.cn
Photo Credit: www.gooood.cn

The store design is inspired by Shanghai Longtang (here refers to traditional lanes). The lanes are full of clothes, exquisite objects that can be seen through neighbors’ windows by chance. The architect chose the transparent acrylic for the window display that allows visitors to see a dazzling array of products in the store.

Small holes on the wall
Photo credit: DiChan—KeTang Wechat Official Account
Looking into the small holes
Photo credit: DiChan—KeTang Wechat Official Account

In the Shanghai dialect, KüKü means “Seeing”. The white tin wall in the store with 12 small holes for you to “Seeing” all kinds of furniture scenes.


TX Huaihai has collaborated with fashion trend leaders from global to introduce innovative content and forms in the commercial space. Master is the 1st club in collaboration with the light and shadow art expert “teamLab” who is famous for the digital museum on the Bund last year. 

teamLab’s installation at the Bund
Photo credit: SmartShanghai
Club Master
Photo credit: SmartShanghai

Master is described as the 24-hour light and shadow art interaction space that integrates trend, art, creativity, music, and many other elements. It has a 3,500sqm space which is separated into three distinct music genres of EDM, hip hop, and techno.


The essence of curation is to use the innovation of consumption scenes, from the display and application of new products and technologies to the organic integration with urban culture, to build a space that attracts brands and customers.

Photo Credit: news.caijingmobil.com

Unlike every other mall, the revenue isn’t driven by rental, but by aggregate sales, offering space in exchange for a certain percentage of store sales. And this venue doesn’t compete with online retail but serves as a physical location that amplifies it, interacting with the worlds of e-commerce and social commerce to provide a unique and innovative experience for the new generation of consumers.


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