L’Oréal Paris Global Flagship In Shanghai

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of “You’re worth it”, Cosmetics Giant L’Oréal Paris opened its 1st ever Global Flagship Store in May on East Nanjing Road. (Meanwhile, in June, another Hair Salon Flagship Store also opened in Beijing).

Shanghai L’Oréal Paris Global Flagship Store
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Beijing L’Oréal Paris Hair Salon Flagship Store
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1/F, Hongyi Plaza, No.299 East Nanjing Rd, Shanghai

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DigitalizationLive StreamingGamification, and Immersive Exploration are the keywords of the store.

L’Oréal has focused on women’s empowerment in recent years. Every in-store interaction carries an element of the iconic ‘You’re worth it’ tagline to arouse the awareness of women’s own beauty and value.

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The empty bottle recycling area in the store and environmentally friendly materials of decoration align with the sustainability commitment of L’Oréal.

Bottle Recycling Area
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The whole store is dominated by white and gold colors to create a simple and bright environment. The entrance area is embellished with green plants and flowers, which builds up a french elegant atmosphere.

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Backed by WeChat Mini Program, the store integrated smart camera and touch screens enabled consumers to interact with L’Oréal products in a whole new way.

Skin Diagnosis

  • Open WeChat Mini Program to start the journey
  • Use face-scanning technology to receive a printed skin analysis report
  • Give recommended products for consumers to explore later in-store
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Tech-savvy touch screen

Insert a personally-coded key and place the product on the screen, the machine will show the introduction of the product automatically. 

  • News, ingredients, video tutorials are displayed by spinning the products.
  • The comparison chart with different functions appears if you place 2 products together on the screen.
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Inspired by Bilibili, the store also sets up a live streaming spot. Audiences can send comments online via L’Oréal Mini Program to interact with KOL while watching the live streaming. The comments will become bubbles floating directly over the Virtual Eiffel Tower in the background. 

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The store sets up a fixed cycling station that enables consumers to take a virtual ride-along Paris street. Each visitor can start this magical journey connected with the user’s WeChat account via the L’Oréal Mini Program. The Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, and other beautiful scenes can be switched randomly. It will also adapt to the appropriate wind speed, music, and scene according to your riding speed.

Photo credit: GOGOShanghai WeChat Official Account


The simulation technology enables the customers to see the reaction of their skin after applying the product. Consumers can operate the Microscope by:

  • Choose a product.
  • Add a drop to the petri dish.
  • Changes will immediately appear.
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Tablet is used for customers to demonstrate how L’Oréal develops the new product: Pre-Essence III. Consumers can operate by:

  • Using 2 fingers to move in one direction at the same time.
  • Tablet will simulate the reaction of Bifida Ferment Lysate & S.F.E.
Photo credit: Weekend Shanghai WeChat Official Account


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