Emails & SMS can now redirect to WeChat Mini-programs

In our last post, we introduced the feature of H5 Redirects to MPthrough the practice of “WeChat Open Tag”, Tencent has updated the feature from the development view, to Acquiring URL Schemerecently. The break of the entry-point limitation has surely added new potential to the unprecedented e-commerce opportunities offered by WeChat.

Let’s see how brands can get benefits from the new update.

  • Open WeChat MP From SMS / E-mails / Web Pages and More
  • URL Scheme Usage in Regular and Promotional SMS & E-mails
  • Case Study – H5 in SMS Redirects to PERFECT DIARY Douyin

Open WeChat MP 

From SMS / E-mails / Web Pages and More

Open WeChat MP from H5 on iOS Devices

The server-side interface of the feature allows you to acquire the URL Schemefor opening any page of the MP outside WeChat. This feature has already been put into practice by WeChat MP Templates.

We should notice that some browsers on Android which automatically pops out for authorization of opening WeChat may block the MP to open while the user keeps tapping the button “Open the MP” until it is authorized to do so. Design of the H5 page is always required to minimize such confusion.

Open WeChat MP from H5 on Android Devices

The feature supports both expiring and permanent URL schemes depending on your need.

The URL scheme can be used to open a certain page of MP from SMS, emails, web pages outside WeChat, etc.

This will greatly simplify the process for clients when using the MP in various scenarios, making it more direct and less puzzling, especially for MPs with multiple functions and thus increase the willingness of opening the MP.

URL Scheme Usage in Regular and Promotional SMS & E-mails 

Users receive regular and promotional SMS as well as e-mails from the brand on a daily basis, whereas the links in promotional SMS are rarely opened.

According to Tengxin Group, the ROI for clicking the link through SMS marketing in China is 16%, while ROI for downloading the app is 8% in 2019. The average open rate of emails varies from 18% to 30% depending on the industry, as reported by Mailpanda.

It would be imperative for the brands to remove the barricades that block the users from reaching the campaigns and making the deal.

Jump from Promotional SMS to Starbuck China AP

The example displayed above showed how ordinary promotional SMS works – the link in the SMS directs to an H5, then the button in the H5 directs to the App Store if the app was not downloaded (most situations of new users receive such promotion SMS). The user also has to register and login for the app.

Let us see how the magic of MP improves our user experience: with merely one tap on the URL Scheme, the MP can be opened to the campaign page with the promotion code from the friend inserted.

Jump from URL Scheme in SMS to SF International Delivery (Example)

The value of MP lies both in its format and proximity to clients. Not only are MPs always download-free, but any function page in the MPs are also within one-tap away.

Regular SMS and E-mail sent by the brand can also benefit from the evolution to MP. SMS and Emails are sent to the customers for the orders made inside MP, and customers are directed back to the MP when they tap the URL Scheme inside them. This helps the brand to create a close-loop shopping experience. The MP page can be used for the following features and more.

  • Order Confirmation
  • Services
  • Delivery
  • Event / Live Streaming Reminder
Opportunity for URL Scheme inside Emails Sent to Customers

It is the time to combine your email marketing automation workflow with WeChat Mini Programs!  A simple URL Scheme makes your emails earn better open rates.

Case Study – H5 in SMS Redirects to PERFECT DIARY Douyin

SMS Sent by Douyin

The feature is already used by Douyin. After the update, WeChat’s catching up in this area is just a matter of time.

Douyin sends users SMS with URLs directed to the brand page of PERFECT DIARY, reminding the user who follows the for the brand official account with the new video released.

With this feature, the brand enjoys more exposure among its fans and strengthens the omni-channel retailing salesforce as well. In addition, the DAU of Douyin has been over the number of 600 million in 2020.

Why does the URL Scheme boost SMS and email marketing? The combination of the immediacy, mobile push, and one-tap use means it removes all the barricades as soon as you get your customers’ attention. Add a URL Scheme in your SMS and emails and you’ve got a message that’s hard to ignore.


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