Fabernovel won Weibo 2020 Panorama Marketing Award


Ever since November 11th became the largest shopping festival, consumers have been pouring money into platforms like Alibaba and JD.com. The Double 11 event also attracted many brands to launch marketing campaigns in order to drive sales on this day. 

Last year’s D11 event, Fabernovel designed and implemented an integrated omnichannel campaign for one of our clients, a premium European dental care brand. Fabernovel is proud to have received the Panorama Marketing Award from Sina Weibo for its outstanding performance and creativity. 

Campaign Results

Why Weibo for D11 Campaign

Weibo, China’s mini-blog platform, presents several traits superior to other social media, such as RED or Douyin. Due to the fact that 30% of their stocks are owned by Alibaba, Weibo has become an ideal platform to run D11 campaigns as it drives traffic to Tmall seamlessly. With 240M DAUs, the effectiveness of Weibo to engage targeted audiences (TAs) can’t be overlooked. Weibo is also very efficient because it offers various touchpoints throughout the platform to support campaigns. 

Campaign Strategy

The TA profile of our client is composed of four types of consumers, which are luxury lifestyler, beauty obsessive, long-term health seeker, and problem solve seeker. With the client’s TA overlapping 40% DAUs on Weibo, Fabernovel launched the campaign for the brand utilizing three main features namely Hot Topic, Brand Zone, and FST & Fans Headlines.  

One Platform, Muti-placements

The essence of this campaign is the utilization of Hot Topic Ads on Weibo. If people go to the discovery tag on Weibo, they can see all the trending topics of that day. Hot Topic is similar to a hashtag with a short, descriptive, or creative phrase. For 2 days, the Hot Topic of our client’s product was visible on the Topic page, generating high exposure for the brand. If people click on our clients’ Hot Topic, it would lead them to the brand’s official account directly. 

Hot Topic

Brand Zone

In order to capture search traffic on Weibo, Brand Zone is one of the crucial ways. Purchased by the brand, Brand Zone allows its official account to appear first under a keyword search over the course of the campaign. For instance, when people search “toothpaste” and our client’s brand shows up. 

Last by not least, FST & Fans Headline will help the brand target their potential customers more precisely. Based on filters such as age, geographic location, and interest label, FST helps to push posts with images or videos as advertisements. As the TAs scroll through Weibo posts, our client’s posts will pop up in their feeds. 

FST & Fans Headline

In addition to these three strategies, we also employed KOCs and Prized Quiz for social activation. Both strategies contributed to simulate discussions among TA and further boost social word-of-mouth. 

In addition to these three strategies, we also employed KOCs and Prized Quiz for social activation. Both strategies contributed to simulate discussions among TA and further boost social word-of-mouth. 


Performances of each strategy exceeded our expectations and estimations. Search Volume surpassed the initial prediction by 13%, indicating an increase in interest for the brand and the willingness of Weibo users to interact. Hot Topic did exceptionally well, generating more than 78M impressions and 23k topic discussions. FST & Fans Headline created around 35k engagement. Also, astonishing KOC performance brought a second amplification for the campaign, which further attracted people’s interests and maximized social visibility. The campaign attracted more than 2k new followers in total. 

Fabernovel is super proud that Weibo recognized this campaign as one of their bests. We are looking forward to perfecting our strategy and generating more award-qualified content for our clients. 

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