RED Surprise Box Campaign

33x follower growth with Red’s new functionality

December 2020

For the upcoming Xmas & New Year gifting season, one of our clients, a superior European dental brand, decides to launch a December campaign specifically on RED, the go-to platform for consumers when they look for product reviews, user experience, or shopping tips. 

Red Key Numbers


RED users interact most with fun, creative, or celebrity-related content. The Surprise Box function is a fantastic opportunity for the brand to reach out to more target audiences, increase user engagement, raise brand awareness, and ultimately boost its penetration in the China market.  

Why RED?

  • Based on RED’s active user profile, the interest labels largely overlap with the brand’s target audience, making our campaign targeted by nature.
The parts marked in RED are the overlapped interest labels of target audience (TA) of the brand and RED  
The brand’s TA profile is similar to that of RED users
  • RED, with its strong creative and user-generated content (UGC) environment, provides an innovative approach to showcase the brand. It promotes the brand via curated creative content such as celebrity endorsement, product appraisal, and purchase tips for brands to leverage those integrated resources to raise brand awareness and penetration.
  • RED’s bespoke campaigns (e.g. surprise box and RED challenge) can effectively capture users’ interests and stimulate user engagement supported by dynamic incentive programs.

Why RED surprise box?

RED users have been very active during Xmas and New Year to get inspiration for gift ideas. Based on the RED 2019 surprise box data, the keyword searching for “Surprise/Xmas/Gift” boosted between December 3rd, 2019 and January 6th, 2020. Search for “Xmas” alone reached 2.1 million during this period. Hence, it’s a great time for the brand to utilize this campaign to amplify user engagement and boost online traffic. 

Source: RED

How does the campaign play?

The surprise box campaign started on Dec 7th until Jan 7th. Only some selected brands are invited to participate in this exclusive campaign. The box is triggered by search keywords and would drop from the top of the screen. Users would click to open the box and receive a set of gift items. 

Source: RED

Besides, users can make a wish by choosing three items from the virtual Christmas tree and they are likely to receive their gifts on January 1st.  

Source: RED

To drive brand exposure, the surprise box campaign is also supported by open-box videos from celebrities and KOLs. The product will be featured in KOL’s open-box video and the KOL’s post will lead to the H5 page with the brand wall. 

Source: RED

Campaign results (up to date)

1.5x brand research volume

33x follower growth


  • The RED Surprise box campaign’s success can be attributed to the combination of tapping into consumers’ taste for newness, interaction, celebrity power, and timely activation.
  • The campaign is proven to be an innovative way to display a brand to raise awareness and generate word-of-mouth. Customers are visual creatures, besides leveraging the resources coming directly from the platform in terms of KOL and traffic, by placing the brand (and its core products) on an attractive digital shelf, we were able to raise top-of-mind awareness which influences purchase decisions in a cost-effective way.
  • Tight collaboration with social media platforms allows for outstanding performance.



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