Private Traffic

The Private Traffic Study

In collaboration with our partner PJDaren, we developed this study through our deep-dive research, learnings, and private traffic management experiences.


Private traffic refers to a customer pool that can be reached freely, without constraints in time and frequency. It can be fully managed by brands or specialists without relying on any third-party platforms. Under the intense competition in leading Chinese e-commerce platforms, brands are facing increased customer acquisition costs, along with skyrocketing advertising expenses and low customer engagement rates. 

Thus, it is critical for them to explore new cost-effective methods such as private traffic, which can improve customer retention, drive repurchase, and optimize product development based on customers’ feedback.

In partnership with PJDaren, we are delighted to release this study, featuring 10 deep-dive studies and our key learnings based on meta research, which explains what business objectives private traffic can address. 

Extract from the Study

Highlights six essential milestones of private traffic development

Identify the common pain points faced by brands operating in leading e-commerce online marketplaces

Discover what is private traffic, how it works, its common formats, and the benefits of leveraging it 

Explore what can private traffic marketing achieve for brands

Gain a deeper understanding from our case studies

About PJDaren:

PJDaren helps some of the world’s largest brands to engage Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) with end-to-end sampling solutions to build trust and drive sales. PJDaren provides brands with a powerful engagement platform to inspire sub-segments of its community of KOCs to create authentic content and conversations that influence brand choice at scale. 

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