Wechat ads-pedia: What’s new

WeChat Ads Combo – Pick Your Favorite 

May 2020

WeChat, the Super App, has revolutionized paid advertising by deriving various advertising formats within WeChat. It is crucial nowadays for businesses to leverage WeChat ads to achieve objectives such as recruiting new followers, building brand awareness, driving traffic to offline boutiques, and more.

The newly launched “combination ad set” allows a business to apply one key visual asset (photo or video) to both feed ads and mini-program ads at the same time. This new format maximizes ads exposure through multi-formats and channels for high returns with relatively fewer investments.


From the brand’s perspective, the new feature is worth experimenting by starting with a small investment, regular analysis is a must for better budget allocation and precise targeting. Through Fabernovel’s hands-on practice for nearly one month, we chose to add “cluster label” as another indicator for precision marketing in addition to basic target settings. Only one photo was used as key visual, the ad was placed at both the bottom section of posts and mini-program banner section, upon the daily budget of 200 RMB and CPM of 11 RMB, we were able to achieve an average CPF at around 6.07 RMB


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