Dior: the first luxury beauty brand to embrace douyin’s mini program

The convergence between e-commerce and digital media

May 2020

The digital ecosystem in China is a rapidly evolving, yet unique parallel universe from the west. Even the western brands with the most proficient marketing strategies may find it unfamiliar and challenging. Christian Dior took the lead in exploring and became the first luxury brand to land on many domestic social platforms in China, including its most recent appearance on Douyin mini-program for its 520 campaign.

Traffic is directed from the short film “520 Dior Confession Balloons” to the Douyin e-commerce mini-program. Viewers can directly add products in carts and checkout with WeChat pay or Alipay without leaving the app. Alongside the mini-program, Dior also launched the “520 Confession Balloon Challenge”, for users to play games while creating their own videos. Since its launch on 16th of May, the campaign already attracted more than 300 million views.

The convergence between e-commerce and digital content is undeniably a trend to watch. The main challenge for luxury brands lies in being consistent with the brand image while adapting content and format to the right platform. 



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