Consumer habits and business strategies: emergence of a “new reasonable” post-crisis COVID-19

The film we are all playing at the moment? The one after COVID-19. What lessons can we learn from this unprecedented human experience? How to adapt as a business? For our analysts, this crisis has accelerated the arrival of a “new reasonable”.


This “after” must force us to review, today, our uses and our principles. This change in economic, societal and technological paradigm will force companies to adapt their models to anticipate and weather the next crises (resilience), but also to take advantage of these exceptional situations (anti-fragility).

Discover in this study our analyzes of the impact of COVID-19 on consumption habits as well as the lines of thought of our experts on the “new reasonable” for companies in all sectors.

The new habits that we acquire during confinement risk lasting and creating new standards such as social distancing. In China, contactless mobile payments are more popular than ever. If the practice was already well installed pre-containment, the Chinese government’s decision in February to disinfect and destroy bank notes in circulation to contain the virus, seems to have crystallized this new reality. One of many examples of what “after” might look like.

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