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Chinese outbound travelers are a deep current in the global economy, and they are changing fast as younger generations become the major consumption force. In 2019, the overall number of outbound trips reached 155 million, of which 60% were booked through Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

Leveraging’s big data and our market intelligence capabilities, this report shares the changing preferences and hot trends of this key consumer segment, as well as strategies that brands designed to specifically target and engage with them.

As Covid-19 is lifting up in China, we have already witnessed strong signals of a travel rebound after the crisis. This report together with another study – Travel Industry in China under Covid-19: Route to Recovery, will help brands maintain perspectives during the troubled time and shed light into the route for recovery.

Since 2018, Fabernovel has been working closely with, one of the largest Online Travel Agencies in the world and the largest in China, to help brands understand Chinese travelers, craft strategies to effectively target and serve them along their travel journey. We not only extract insights from the abundant data possess but also develop marketing strategies for our clients with privileged access to their powerful marketing platform and tools. Thanks to this strong partnership, we are also ahead of the market on the innovative products, services and tools has been developing to better serve their users and empower brands.

One of the many initiatives of this partnership is our latest Insight Report of Fabernovel – 2019 China Outbound Travel Market Review.

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