The strength of consumption by chinese residents abroad

Fabernovel is pleased to share this comprehensive and in-depth study on overseas Chinese residents, analyzing brand immersion strategies designed to reach out and effectively engage with this untapped community-based niche market.
Our latest estimation reveals that close to 70 million residents outside of China are identified as Chinese, or as maintaining some percentage of Chinese origin. Further evidence indicates that this community possesses strong purchasing power, and plays an increasingly vital role in influencing China’s domestic market. In short, this segment has evolved as a key demographic for brands in diverse markets that are usually under-represented in local brand strategies.
In this study, we aim to demystify the concept of overseas Chinese residents who may be living in two spheres of consumer influence (Western and Chinese), and thereby showcase effective approaches designed to engage with this indice.
Accordingly, we hope to provide some key insights to help brands better develop strategies which proactively target, recruit, retain, and serve this powerful, and intelligent niche population.

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