The new retail: apocalypse or a new era

Apocalypse in Retail is the theme of this presentation that describes the current (and future?) landscape of the retail industry.

In the USA, more than 8,600 physical stores are expected to close in 2019 and France follows this example: 8 Gap stores and 30 Conforama stores were closed in the summer of 2019.

At the same time, native digital brands are taking to the streets. Literally. Of the 84 promising native digital brands, identified in 2016 by Andy Dunn, founder and CEO of the men’s clothing brand Bonobos (also born online) in an article he wrote in Medium, 44 now have at least one physical store. Also in France, it is difficult to walk around Paris without going through a Sezane, Le Slip Fran├žais or Jimmy Fairly store.

To scale up, the digitally native brands are looking for the “Halo Effect”, which consists of opening a physical store to considerably increase online sales.

Between the apocalypse and the promised land, what will retail look like in the future? Find out which model, KPIs and trends will emerge.