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With a $5.6 trillion market size, Chinese consumers account for a staggering and growing consumption force. As the Chinese economy is showing strong signs of a rebound, we believe that it is the perfect time to engage, sell to and win the Chinese consumers.

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Three critical segments of global Chinese consumers

Domestic Chinese

70% of millennials in China own properties and have tremendous purchasing power domestically.

International Travelers

Chinese outbound travellers reached 155 mil in 2019. However, only 12% of Chinese own passports. The outbound travellers are some of the highest spenders with 127 billion USD spending in the first half of 2019.

Overseas Residents

70 mil Chinese overseas residents are concentrated in metropolitan cities all over the world. Overseas students alone spent $10.6 bil on leisure and shopping.

They all come from the same cultural root. However, there are also specificities and complexity within each segment and each geography that need to be considered to deploy successful Chinese consumers’ strategies.

In order to tackle the market of global Chinese shoppers, Fabernovel designed the China Academy, a large-scale and remote-friendly training program, to get you ramped up with the knowledge of the market, understanding of each Chinese consumer segment and get you familiarized with the tactics and tools to build an effective strategy. 

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Program overview

A training program that is impactful, engaging and with measurable results.

We design and deploy an engaging online learning experience to fully maximize the effectiveness, tailored to customized needs:

A Program of Webinars


Chatbot Tests

Offline Training


Webinars (in your time zone) produced by Fabernovel to deep dive into a selected topic. 

Quick 3-5 mins contents linked to your strategy  to complement the webinars: articles, videos, podcasts… 

Knowledge tests through a chatbot with 5-10 questions to assess participants’ understanding and measure progress. 

Offline training is available upon request, including custom-build workshops to put the learnings into practice.



A holistic catalogue of content that covers everything you need to know about the Chinese market and consumers:

Understand the market

China Digital Ecosystem


Social Media

Influencer Marketing

Platforms in Focus (WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Alibaba, Ctrip, etc.)

Consumer Trends

Decipher Chinese consumers

Consumer Journey

Consumer Touch-points

Millennials & Gen-Z

Outbound Travelers

Overseas Chinese Residents

Tech Playground

Master brand strategies

Industry Case Studies

Industry Best Practices

Content Creation

Platform-Specific Digital Advertising

Shopping Festivals Preparation

Cross-border sales

Social CRM on WeChat

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